Every morning for 15 weeks I have gotten up with an aim of getting closer to accomplish my given agenda of having a collection for my Graduation Project. But little did I know there was so much more to learn than just sticking to the to-do-list of your diary.

From the smallest things like simply reaching office on time to assisting with production, I have grown as a budding designer. Getting out of my comfort zone and trying to be my most efficient self is the one thing I will maintain my whole life to be a better designer and a better artist. 

These are some of my favorite times from my 15 weeks of interning at Ka-Sha.


The one with office on the hills

As amazing as it is to work on a collection, it is even more exciting to look at it come together beautifully! Luckily, I got to assist the shoot for Ka-Sha's Spring/Summer '21 collection and it was one of the most fascinating shoots I have been a part of. 



The one who turned from colleague to friend

Having a work friend has so many perks, especially when after a hard long day you can sit with your friend talking about anything and everything and laugh it out on a stressful day. 



The one with ‘super women'

Meeting ‘the makers’ of Together-Ek Saath foundation, was indeed a special day. The inclination of these women to learn and empower themselves through work was very inspiring for me.



The one with ‘to dye or die'

My time with our local dyers made me realize the significance of details in every single piece made - from getting the right shade of color, to the buttons and to the size. Production in itself includes so many things and it is as fun as it is challenging. 



The one with the ‘college tea'

To my surprise, my college senior works as the assistant designer at Ka-Sha. We spent time talking about career paths, about series worth binge watching and about life in college. It was always so much fun and used to make me happy and reminisce those days. 


The one with TAIs

The ladies at the studio (Sarika Tai and Vaishali Tai) were my constant source of laughs while we worked together. During our lunch together was where we where we exchanged so much and learned from each other. 



Written By : Lovely Sharma (Intern from NIFT Kolkata)

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