We work extensively with natural fibres and textiles - handwoven and power-loom, and multitude of techniques. We understand that the evolution of man comes with the advent of technology; technology that can't replace man but can assist as required. We hope to be able to harness these qualities in our work - using hand-craft and new age mediums to innovate within our skill set.

As a label our work keeps evolving as we discover new and exciting techniques and adapt them to ourselves. Whether it is Dyeing or Hand-Embroidery or Weaving our interactions with skilled artisans and cultures keep finding translations  in all that we make. 

The reflective relationship between Clothes and Culture influences our work which in all its manifestations uses a medium that in itself is ever-changing. Clothing in all its forms, stands second only to skin and is an integral part of our daily lives.

With Culture and Life being a constant source of inspiration we travel and seek stories - new and old; contextual to our modern day lives. However, no matter how far we move we find ourselves to be deeply rooted in our 'Indianness', one that we find pride in, one that reflects in our products. Products that are borne by love from a country so diverse that you'll keep discovering new ways to find what you are looking for. 

Our love for conscious design only gets stronger with each passing day. Our utmost priority still remains the same as it did from the start - making products that are true to their makers. 

Through these stories we hope to share with you all that we do from the centre of our universe.

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