Working at Ka Sha is like living in a dream. Oftentimes I look at the studio, the work I do and I pinch myself - absolutely surreal. Hence, I will be always grateful for the opportunity to be here.

Moving on, my day starts with me combing through my diary - where I write down things I need to complete for that day. Everyday is unique in its own way, bringing its own unique set of challenges. Sometimes we need to make samples for the client according to their brief. At times, I'll coordinate or source from the vendors for different materials or execute specific requirements by the client. We do all this while interacting with the client, answering their queries.

Amidst the chaos of juggling between numerous projects, my work as a design assistant mainly goes around working on collections that we showcase twice each year. We discuss, express our emotions, thoughts and literally everything else under the roof with our founder and believer-in-chief Karishma. We keep building on things we find inspiring - capturing them in our storyboards. We then start creating embroidery samples; exploring different techniques on dyeing along the way. Parallelly we experiment with different silhouettes, each one of them filled with the thoughts and feelings that we want conveyed.

We keep researching, learning new stories and adding them to our collection for the season. We talk, we brainstorm and while doing so - we learn from each other, make our stories and tell them through our work.

Here’s a little glimpse into my week through my lens…..



- Written By Srishti Deb (Assistant Designer)

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