Our Limited Edition ‘22 Capsule 01 is hand-embroidered, block printed and dyed using KBCols Sciences microbial fermentation technology using non-GMO naturally occurring coloured microbes sourced from the soil, water and air, to extract natural colours to achieve our colour palette. 

This collaboration presented by Fashion for Good x Rise Worldwide enables us to join forces with collaborators outside our own forte so we can together create changes in the way we think, make and consume. KBCols Sciences, is a biotech studio fueled by innovation and research is producing sustainable natural colors from small living safe micro-organisms. The bio-colors are a universal drop in solution which can be used to dye majority kinds of natural & synthetic fibres. The feedstock/ nutrients supplied to micro-organisms is composed of agricultural waste, thus making a completely circular production process.

Our capsule MANTHAN takes its inspiration from water, its ever-changing and paradoxical nature – turbulent yet calm, shapeless yet shape shifting, flowing yet restrained. The depths of it are layered with life and energy and yet invisible to the eye on the surface, much like us humans and the reality of our existence. From time immemorial, civilisations and stories have come to life and perished around water yet it never ceases to eb and flow, signifying its unrelenting movement and resilience despite turmoil. 

Our clothing and its surfaces represent the many layers of water, both tangible and intangible. Our pieces made in cotton of differing weights are appliqued, embroidered and pleated to bring to life our inspiration.