Our collaboration with Corozo - Vegan Ivory, supported by Pro Ecuador & Lakme Fashion Week - introduces us to Corozo - a material made from the Tagua nut sourced from the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. The nut is harvested naturally and is renewable in nature. With its innate ability to be shaped and carved we have incorporated it in our autumn collection ‘Qaum’ that is Inspired by human growth and identity. Our collection looks at nomadic references for their strong sense of connectivity to self and community based on solidarity of any kind. Layered and striped our Fabrics are handwoven in Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar working seamlessly together in the form of Hand spun khadi, handloom cotton and Chanderi. Stripes in differing weights and techniques are highlighted with curozo buttons and embellishments to create an alternate approach to ceremonial clothing.