Our studio is amidst the still lushness of Koregoan park. The calmness that surrounds it is an added source of motivation. I am currently interning here, my sixth month of working here and it has been nothing short of the most exhilarating work experience till date. Like most internships, the work hours are limited but the opportunities and learning are tremendous.

My work here includes a bit of everything -  sampling, production, merchandising, product photography and much more.

In these uncertain times, I feel more than happy to be a part of the committed team at Ka-Sha. I truly enjoy my interactions with the team, our dyers, our makers and even the  shopkeepers, they are all an integral part of my days here. They bring immense value to the process and execution.

The amazing women helpers here, Sarika Tai and Vaishali Tai have become like an extended family and even try to feed me every chance they get.


Exterior of our studio
Exterior of our studio

The weather changes from a beautiful sunny mornings to the pouring evenings instantly. It is the perfect example of the unsettled times we are in right now. The things constant here are the people and their evening chai breaks, which remain unchanged and bring a sense of normalcy.


A picture from our dyers studio
A picture from our dyers studio

Apart from the work at our studio, I also travel to our dyers establishments / karkhaanas to get pieces dyed. I am grateful for the artisans like them, helping me gain unparalleled knowledge about their processes in person.


Our makers at work
Our makers at work

 The picture above signifies the collaboration and synergy at Ka-Sha for me.

-  Written By Manasi Tarwade (Intern from NIFT, Gandhinagar)


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