Heart to Haat is inspired by the indigenous ideology of reusing, re-purposing and reclaiming; it was born as we delved deeper into existential questions of conscious practices at Ka-Sha.

What started out as a Zero-Waste endeavour at Ka Sha in 2012 to manage our own post production waste, has now been envisioned as an industry-wide solution for textile waste that cannot be recycled or as an alternative to re-use/ repurpose it. All our Heart to Haat products are made using production waste and applying innovative design techniques to create beautiful, functional products ranging from bags to accessories to clothing. We offer up-cycled products & textile waste management solutions for brands, manufacturers and designers who are looking to deal with their waste responsibly. We can also help you take unwanted textile scraps and other materials to re-purpose them into usable products. We also work with pre-loved clothing to enhance, mend, revisit or re-purpose them to suit your current needs. 

For more on our vision for Heart To Haat or to collaborate or to simply get in touch with us please write to us at