At Ka-Sha, we draw a lot of inspiration of people and their stories. Together, our team creates everything you see and know. Work becomes less of a chore and more fun when we bring in the siblings in the mix.


Meet the siblings working at Ka-Sha and making it all happen! 
Vakeel Ansari (Head Pattern Cutter) & Asad Ansari (Embroidery Artisan)

They are both from Allahabad, UP. With Vakeel Ji being the elder one, he's always been extremely supportive of his younger brother who always had an affinity towards hand-work. They have both been at Ka-Sha since the very early years. 

Ridhiema Shahani Mehmi (Production) & Karishma Shahani Khan (Creative Director and Founder)
Never having thought that they will be working together, Ridhiema joining the Ka-Sha team recently has been a real game-changer for Karishma; to have a solid support and reliable member in the team. She often feels they make the good cop-bad + cop team.
Hassan Ansari (Maker) & Afsan Ansari (Maker)
Afsan, the elder one has been at Ka-Sha since the last 7 years whereas Hassan joined Ka-Sha 4 years back. They both share a typical sibling relationship, of love and hate.
Vaishali Owhal (Quality Check) & Kalpana Padmukh (Maker)
Vaishal Tai and Kalpana Tai have been working together since the last year, with Kalpana Tai being new to the team. They are opposites in the sense that Kalpana Tai is the fun sister and Vaishali Tai is the quieter one. They love working together. 
Abdul Ansari (Maker) & Wasiqu Ashraf (Maker)
Abdul Ji has been practising tailoring and embroidery since a really young age and has passed down all the learning to his younger brother. Their childhood years were was spent in their Nani's (maternal grandmothers) house and Waqar was the notorious one growing up.
(L-R) Maseehuddin (Embroidery Artisan), Wasikuddin Ashraf (Maker) & Shafuddin Ansari (Maker) 
The three brothers hail from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Maseehuddin Ji is the eldest one and Shafuddin is the youngest. Wasikuddin is the middle brother and also the most mischievous one. Growing up, they all saw their future in the field of hand-work and tailoring and make a solid team.


Team Ka-Sha

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