Our makers wall is a piece of work that comes together just like the clothing we make - made by many hands, each one with a significant role to play. 

It can also be called our 'Happiness Wall' as everyone fills up a blank piece of fabric with anything and everything that brings them joy, makes them think of joy or talks about joy.

This brought us such a sense of togetherness as we sat and made and stitched together, every piece as complete as the rest. 






The Team | From the right.

Pooja Chauhan, Finishing | Vandana Ovhal, Finshing | Nadeem Ashraf, Maker | Nasim Ansari, Maker | Rutuja Ghodke, Finshing | Laxmi Honmane, Finshing | Netra Mundhada, Intern | Karishma Shahani Khan, Creative Director | Ashad Ji, Dyer | Waqar Ansari, Maker | Wasikuddin Ansari, Maker | Maseehuddin Ansari, Artisan | Vakeel Ansari, Head Pattern Cutter | Shafiuddin Ansari, Maker | Arati Hole, Logistics and Studio Manager | Vaishali Ovhal, Quality Check | Zayn Khan | Kalpana, Maker | Kanta Mohite, Finishing | Abdul Mueed, Maker | Zubair Ansari, Artisan | Hassan Ansari, Maker | Afroj, Maker | Mohammad Waqar, Maker | Shahid Ansari, Maker | Rajmohmmad Choudari, Maker | Pirpasha Mujawar, Maker | Mohammad Shavez, Maker | Sarika Waghmode, Finishing | Mushtaq Ashraf, Maker | Aditi Kumari, Design | Mrunmai Nikam, Design | Ridhiema Mehmi, Production | Chaitrali Mohite, Admin and Accounts |


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