Roz / रोज़ meaning Everyday/ ɛvrɪˈdeɪ/ Sourced from India, Made in India and Inspired by India, Roz by Ka-Sha is our everyday wear line. We draw on the beauty of the mundaneness of our daily lives, all that we live through and live to see. Gravitating towards our core for creating products that are artisanal yet contemporary, our Roz pieces are handcrafted in indigenous materials using traditional techniques. These easily wearable and breathable elevated basics, are for anyone and everyone.

// Roz / रोज़ meaning Everyday/ ɛvrɪˈdeɪ/ EVERYDAY WEAR \\

Our Clothing

Our Roz/ रोज़ line of easily wearable and breathable elevated basics, are for anyone and everyone.

Our Textiles

Our Roz/ रोज़ garments are made using handwoven textiles that are woven using indigenous and blended recycled yarn.

Our Collaborators

With a keen focus on repurposing textile waste, Birla Cellulose offers an alternative for the textile value chain by developing cutting-edge products with immense potential to repurpose pre- and post-consumer textile waste.

Understanding the importance of collaboration in addressing sustainability challenges, Birla Cellulose has collaborated with us by providing us with Reviva-M grade circular yarn, that our skilled artisan groups have hand-woven with indigenous yarns such as kala cotton.

Shop Roz

Our Roz/ रोज़ garments will soon be available via our webshop! For pre-orders you can write to us here.


XS to XXXL or as we refer to it at ROZ : I - VIII

Caring for Roz

All Roz/ रोज़ garments are easy to wash and care for at home.

At the End

At the end of the life cycle of our Roz/ रोज़ garments you can ship them back to us and get 15% off on your next purchase. In this way you can ensure the garments don't pile up in your wardrobe + rest assured that we will recycle/ upcycle them in the most feasible way! Terms & Conditions apply. Get in touch with us for queries.

Who we are

Roz / रोज़ is our everyday wear line that stays true to our core of creating products that are artisanal yet contemporary. Its our way to stay part of your wardrobe everyday!



Where we are

We are based in the West of India, in a city called Pune.