All our products are hand-crafted and need your utmost love and care. They are hand-dyed by local dyers to achieve the colours that we work with. Please do not bleach or hand in direct sunlight due to their hand-dyed nature. We recommend dry cleaning the products that have multiple colours and dye techniques.

If your garment has a single colour feel free to wash it at home with a mild detergent in cold water. Darker colours should always be washed seperately as colours may run.

When ironing it is advisable to be mindful of the fabric to decide the temperature. The Kala Cottons, Powerloom Cottons and Kora Cottons work well under higher temperatures. The Chanderis, Kota Doriyas and Cupros will not withstand the same heat. Flat Iron your clothing inside out. (Some of our pieces are reversible so both sides count!) You can also steam the clothing, but be careful of the water spurting out from the steamer sometimes.

Do not machine wash our lighter handwoven textiles like Chanderi and Kota Doriya. For more specific queries please get in touch with us.